Kot w Butach

It meant a lot to him. It was not only the magnificent colours, the clever setting up of the figures, or the sweetness in the seriousness of the representation. It was a symbol for a whole era of naïvety and joy, which only the children can live. For the adults this era is considered as a lost paradise whose recovery is only possible when being in love.

It was there, to be seen every morning and every evening. It awakened tenderness and familiarity; no one could resist smiling, looking at it.

But on one day it was not there any more! Had it fallen off the wall? Had anyone removed it? Impossible to remember…

From that time on he took it with him to every flat he moved in. At the first time, he didn’t know that he was taking it; he had totally forgotten about it and if someone had pointed the transport out to him, he might have left it back, as he did not consider it to his own belongings. But in a way it had followed him by itself. At the time when he found out that it was there, he was glad, took a glance at it and then rolled it up and put it back in a safe place.

He was taking care of it. He was afraid that it could get scratched, cut or crumpled up. But he left it always in a place, thinking that one day he should treat it with all the deserved care and respect.

And the day came. He went in a shop and bought the largest holder that they had. He put it carefully in it and tried to fix it on a single nail. It was too heavy… He took then his PBH 2000 RE Bosch hammer with pneumatic mechanism and bored a hole for an 8mm wall plug. The screw could now bear the weight. It was protected by the glass and could be seen from almost every corner of the main room.

Now he had gained it… From the moment it was up there, the symbols of the past faded away. Because the presence of its colours, its figures, and its representation is so much alive. It is a source of endless pleasure. He lies in the bed gazing at the cat for hours. And the cat gazes back at him.

One Response to “Kot w Butach”

  1. Averell Dalton says:

    In the Far West that’s what we do – we gaze at those bandit critters; and then we stare at them; and then we draw; and then it’s over for one of us.